Aircraft Inspections

by Inland Aviation Specialties
Annual Aircraft Inspections

We can perform Annual Inspections, Maintenance & Repairs and Pre-Purchase Inspections on all General Aviation aircraft. From a N3N “Stearman”, to a Valentin 17E Taifun. From a Kitfox IV to a Piper “Aztec”. From a Schweizer 2-33 sailplane, to a Yak 52. From a Waco YMF-5, to a Cessna 195. We have the experience with all of these aircraft. Whether it’s got a Jabiru 3300, a Rotax 912/914, a Limbach, a Rotec Radial, a Jacobs Radial, or even a Vendeneyev MP-14P Radial in it, we specialize in the odd and different aircraft and engines that no one else wants to work on. We also specialize in getting those non-approved items that have been installed on your aircraft over the years, finally approved.

“Cheap work isn’t good, and good work isn’t cheap.”

You know the old saying, “you get what you pay for”, and that’s generally true. I have to put quality ahead of quantity every time. If one doesn’t understand the value of excellent workmanship and just looks at the cost of it, then he needs to find another shop to work on his aircraft… We’re not it.